[email protected] 60 celebration: WHY ARE WE IN a rush to celebrate?


WHY ARE WE IN a rush to celebrate the birth of a nation that has been raped for several decades by her own self-centered offspring? Are we going to food on Ghana’s agony or achievement? I’m confused!

In fact, everyone is moaning and hollering about the [email protected] 60 celebration. And the problem is: Do we really have to celebrate it with excitement and all the features when the nation is split and basically creeping on its knees? Whose concepts is it any way?

Before I jump into it I just want to show him that I’m a gung-ho NPP flag- wearer, but I don’t like what I’m learning about the future Ghana’s birthday celebration celebration.

Let me see if I can put it naturally. Now, assume you have been hired a CEO of a organization which is on the edge of bankruptcy .And after being in workplace for just 3 several weeks you made a decision to toss a big celebration –with all the trimmings— for the workers with the company’s little cash. What do you think the investors will experience about you and your managing design and economical prowess? And what are we celebrating? Is it Ghana’s age or its achievement? My curious thoughts wants to know!

Look, when you reside in a community with zero reliability index; where cash has become the only way we evaluate ‘success’, a lot of anger is designed up when the nation’s cash is associated with any action. In essence, this separate celebration strategy could be considered in some areas as euphemism—and an excuse— for money-minting procedure for the judgment celebration.

For the lifestyle of me, I can’t comprehend our pre-occupation with celebrating the birth of a nation in a megawatt proportion when we have so much cloud hanging over our heads.
Unless you have been concealing in the cavern somewhere in Afghanistan for previous times a very extensive period, you can’t prevent realizing the alarm loud about the socio-economic potholes in Ghana.

What we need to do is let’s enjoy it on a ‘down- low’. In other terms, let’s have the regular youngsters Goal –Pass and go the place to find eat our injuries and prepare for serious methods to shift the nation ahead. Maybe (just maybe) when Ghana gets 65 decades of age and our economical predicament looks constant and healthier then (only then) –we can toss a big celebration and encourage all our buddies and opponents over.

Please don’t scratch your head and wonder what I’m up to because this has nothing to do with politics—I’m just calling it as I see it because this is very serious. Just because I support NPP doesn’t mean I shouldn’t say anything if something is going wrong against the state and the party’s integrity and image.

We shouldn’t ignore that Ghanaian voters are like minds and hearts, they go where they’re valued and well known the most so to win their believe in, minds and hearts and spirits we need to regard their ambitions and issues.

As a engaged resident of this excellent nation, I’m always influenced to fantasize about all the excellent achievements Ghanaian govt could obtain to boost the living- conventional of individuals. Obviously the 60th wedding isn’t one of them—honestly!

Most devoted NPP sympathizers think the celebration was anointed with odometer-like of a routine therefore nothing should be taken lightly, especially at this aspect of your way when their objectives are extremely great.

In this era of megawatt objectives any little hiccup in the governmental seismography can deliver a incorrect indication to an incredible number of Ghanaians both house and overseas to teach themselves against the newest public disease—the overpriced governmental objectives. But, can NPP settle with the people’s wish to be “somebody” when factors drop apart?

Unfortunately, this NPP management believes it’s in the company of operating a govt instead of discovering ‘real solutions’ to our growing daily issues. This is nothing, world -shaking, nothing innovative, probably nothing you don’t already know—the problem performance, not advancement.
Have I upset everybody, yet? Sorry!

Until we fulfill again, keep updated in. Be endowed, knowledgeable and well-informed.
Kawku Adu-Gyamfi (Voice of reason)

*The writer is a public commentator and the creator of Adu-Gyamfi base for Deprived youngsters.

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